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Addiction Services 

In 2011, an estimated 21.6 million Americans (8.4%) needed treatment for a problem related
to drugs or alcohol, but only 2.3 million (less than 1%) received treatment.

National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)

Gray_tie_thinking_web_3_4.jpgAddiction is a medical condition affecting more people than cancer, heart conditions or diabetes. It is not a problem of motivation, willpower or strength of character. Substance abuse causes repercussions in all areas of a person’s life. Excessive alcohol use is the third leading life-style related cause of death and there are more than 70 other conditions requiring medical attention resulting from substance use and addiction. 

If you think you or someone you
care about may have a problem,
Lake Shore Behavioral Health
can help.

Lake Shore has a well-established track record of innovative and effective treatment of substance abuse disorders.  We use a holistic approach to treatment where participants learn the skills they need to become alcohol and/or drug-free while addressing problems in many life areas.

As many as 6 in 10 people with an illicit substance use disorder also suffer from another mental illness.  Lake Shore can provide diagnosis and integrated treatment for individual with co-occurring disorders.

Lake Shore has four outpatient clinics and a residential substance abuse treatment facility for pregnant and parenting women and their children.  We also have a specialized substance abuse program for adolescents ages 17 and under.

Addiction Outpatient Clinics
Adolescent Addiction Services
The Lighthouse - Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for Pregnant and Parenting Women

24 Hour Addiction Hotline
Buffalo and Erie County


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May 18, 2015